September 2016 part 2 [ technically August ]

I tutored a 2 session Masterclass for Risingholme community centre and Studio 380 in Christchurch. I had beginner potters through to the distance learning students from Diploma of Ceramic Arts , Otago Polytechnic. We focused on surface print and slab to 3dimensional object. The students really got into the idea of play and the great results that happen if you don’t get too worried about the end result, the more challenging part, was figuring out how to create a pattern to cut out the best bits of the printed slabs to turn them into a 3 D object. We created houses as it seems a simple form but has some quite tricky thinking involved in the forms. I covered direct intervention with the slab using slip and found materials , slip transfers, found and commercial stamps, screen print and photopolymer plates….And the finished houses were superb, everyone got great results that can be transferred to their own practices.

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September 2016 part 1 [ technically July ]

Well months have gone by  since I last posted  and its all been a bit crazybusy ( is that even a word ? ) Even though it appeared I was in hibernation, I was in fact venturing out and achieving small amounts of creative work , completing an Entrepreneur course , and continuing to freelance for Ocho Chocolate….

Part 1-  My Lilliput Library has a permanent home

Marsh Study Centre  University of Otago




May 2016 again


This is a excellent idea, executed with limited funding but bringing the joy of reading to streets all over Dunedin. I was happy to contribute to this by  stenciling the little library with out of date and obsolete words, I have listed the meanings in this post….

BAVARDAGE – idle gossip

BOOKWRIGHT- A writer of books

BOUFFAGE- A satisfying meal

CALIGINOUS- Dark, dim or misty

JIRBLE- To pour out a liquid with an unsteady hand

LUNTING- Walking whilst smoking a pipe

GROAK- To silently watch someone eating, hoping to be invited to join them

RESISTENTALISM- The seemingly spiteful behaviour shown by inanimate objects

SNIRP- A Dr Seuss character notoriously found near 7-11’s

SNOUTFAIR – A person with a handsome countenance

SPERMOLOGER- A picker-up of trivia, news or gossip

TYROMANCY- Divining by the coagulation of cheese

UBIETY- The condition of being in a definite place

VELLEITY-a wish or inclination, but not strong enough to lead to action

WONDERWENCH – A sweetheart

Thanks to Dr Seuss, A dictionary of Difficult Words, Julie and

May 2016

Last month I happened to be in Auckland for a  lovely long weekend and I managed to drop off my work for the VEFA auction a bit early. There is a lot of really good work, great artists, and something for everyone in this auction

Set of 10 houses
Back of the set, showing numbers
Set up on the edge of the rooftop


March 2016

Maui, Legend of the Outcast by Chris Slane and Robert Sullivan.

I am working on my entry into the International Designer Bookbinder Competition,

The theme is Myths and Legends and I happily spent hours in every bookshop in Dunedin and was thrilled to find a contemporary retelling of this legend. I emailed the publisher and authors to get the necessary permissions, and now I am ready to begin….

This is what I am hoping to achieve: I will take the book apart, re-sew it, make hand-sewn head bands, include some paper engineering to create a 3D pop-out on  a pivotal image in the story and re-make the endpapers, as the original ones will get damaged when I take the book apart. Then the fun bit !!  The Cover….. I thought the bold graphic lines and marks looked very like tapa, and surface print would be the ideal way to capture this. So I have lots of trials and experiments ( that’s the bit I love ) and hopefully I will have photos to post along the way. I have a few months to complete the book and send it to the Bodleian Library at Oxford  U.K……  but as you all know time has its own agenda.


January 2016

Friday was a perfect day for a photoshoot, lots of sun for contrast and shadows and the sports field had lots of freshly mowed flat grass. I arrived with everything I thought I might need ( plus lots of things I didn’t ) but the most useful thing was the rake. Although one woman out walking her dog did think I was excessively OCD when she saw me raking the grass!

I had the talented photographer Sue and the fabulous assistant Janene and we set up 100 terracotta houses in various layouts, got lots of good photos for my entry into Shapeshifter …  and a bit of a suntan. The thing I underestimate is how long it takes to repack everything at the end.


Sculpture on the Peninsula 2015

Can't see the wood for the trees - Greg Yee
Can’t see the wood for the trees – Greg Yee
Take me Home - Tatyanna Meharry
Take me Home – Tatyanna Meharry
The Glass House - Kim Hennessey
The Glass House – Kim Hennessy

This year’s show was as fabulous as usual, with almost 200 sculptures of all shapes , sizes and mediums. These 3 were my absolute favorites. I haven’t seen Greg Yee’s sculptural work before but this ceramic wood pile is beautiful and poetic.  Tatyanna Meharry’s installation  of 574 ceramic vessels representing every man that left their home in Banks Peninsula to fight in the 1st world war, installed in front of the cottage, the group jostling to make it to the door. And finally Kim Hennessey’s glass house that speaks of fragility and security. These works all placed in the domestic realm, they quietly remind us of loss and the intangible value of home. To see more of these artists work ….., and