September 2016 part 4

I’m going to finish up my September marathon with my entry for the Designer Bookbinder competition in London 2017. I finally ( after much trauma ) completed this and got it in the post, by the due date……a minor miracle !

The theme is Myths and Legends, I chose the graphic novel, Maui Legends of the Outcast. I let the content inform my binding choices. I sourced vintage Tapa cloth for its Pacific origins, graphic lines and colours that echoed the storyline; a Bone hook, so integral to the Maui legend and  handmade Harakeke paper, for its connections to our land. I chose not to work in the traditional Bookbinding material of leather as New Zealand has a rich history of fibres and textiles. I’m not sure how this will be received at the competition but I was proud to have completed it.

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