September 2016 part 2 [ technically August ]

I tutored a 2 session Masterclass for Risingholme community centre and Studio 380 in Christchurch. I had beginner potters through to the distance learning students from Diploma of Ceramic Arts , Otago Polytechnic. We focused on surface print and slab to 3dimensional object. The students really got into the idea of play and the great results that happen if you don’t get too worried about the end result, the more challenging part, was figuring out how to create a pattern to cut out the best bits of the printed slabs to turn them into a 3 D object. We created houses as it seems a simple form but has some quite tricky thinking involved in the forms. I covered direct intervention with the slab using slip and found materials , slip transfers, found and commercial stamps, screen print and photopolymer plates….And the finished houses were superb, everyone got great results that can be transferred to their own practices.

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