March 2016

Maui, Legend of the Outcast by Chris Slane and Robert Sullivan.

I am working on my entry into the International Designer Bookbinder Competition,

The theme is Myths and Legends and I happily spent hours in every bookshop in Dunedin and was thrilled to find a contemporary retelling of this legend. I emailed the publisher and authors to get the necessary permissions, and now I am ready to begin….

This is what I am hoping to achieve: I will take the book apart, re-sew it, make hand-sewn head bands, include some paper engineering to create a 3D pop-out on  a pivotal image in the story and re-make the endpapers, as the original ones will get damaged when I take the book apart. Then the fun bit !!  The Cover….. I thought the bold graphic lines and marks looked very like tapa, and surface print would be the ideal way to capture this. So I have lots of trials and experiments ( that’s the bit I love ) and hopefully I will have photos to post along the way. I have a few months to complete the book and send it to the Bodleian Library at Oxford  U.K……  but as you all know time has its own agenda.



4 thoughts on “March 2016

  1. Super interesting. I know you have your book sorted but thought you might be interested to know there is a book rummage at Broad Bay school Thursday March 31st 5 -8. I went last year and got an etching book worth $50 for a dollar! Also they had nice food available.

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