Installing at Sculpture on the Peninsula.

I spent a sunny Saturday installing my new work ” Houses for Reminiscing ” at Loudon Farm. They are a group of 8 galvanized wire house forms, all containing either a ceramic or natural element. I have placed them on a sloping woodland area.

…… I have been working with ideas around the long summers of childhood.  The days that stretched forever, we were either exhilarated by our freedoms or bored and cooped up. We used our imagination and environment to build huts and secret spaces where we were Kings of our domain. At the end of summer these spaces physically retreated into the environment but the memories live on…..

S on P 2015 bS on P 2015 aS on P 2015 cS on P 2015 d


2 thoughts on “Installing at Sculpture on the Peninsula.

  1. Fabulous – another beautiful chapter in your houses theme. Would love to see them in a white space too – to see shadows.How many times did you cut your hands? Love the look of that mesh but not setting scratched.Have a wonderful weekend.

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