March 2015

In association with the Salon des Femmes   and The Fringe Festival  We have a group show ” Shadow Self ” at Mint Gallery 6th to 19th March. We installed the work on Friday, and it was the first time I had seen all the work together. I am always amazed at the range of materials and approaches to the theme.
After my many tragic attempts at making a new piece of work for this show…… I had to rethink the whole thing….and I came to the conclusion that being an Artist is actually being a Problem Solver. I revisited my original notes and drawings and found that what I wanted to say with this piece , was still valid. So then I went back over my materials choices, size and proportions and found I could still keep the original conceptual ideas with a change of materials. And , as always happens to me….Plan C had a much better outcome than the original Plan A anyway.

Guilt/Gilt 1
Guilt/Gilt 2
Guilt/Gilt 3

Jane Armour Guilt/Gilt I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t feel guilt over some aspect of their lives. In this small sculpture I have placed this guilt in the domestic realm, a house form. I have put a small Gilt porcelain house,  honed to an imperfect but contained form at its centre.  Covered,  but still visible, by a Felt house,  that blanket of comfort we want to give our lives. This is contained within a Metal exoskeleton,  the seemingly rigid persona we project to others. The dichotomy of what we Want to do and  what we Have to do…

Open Veiwing ( plus a few drinks ) Friday 13th March 2015 at Mint Gallery in Moray Place 5-7 pm…


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