January 2015

image So far it’s been a successful January…I dropped off another pile of notebooks to Blackbird, and I opened the kiln today and all 20 small terracotta houses came out perfectly, so that’s 10 for Gallery de Novo and another 10 to be packed up for Gallery 33. I have 3 exhibitions in the next few months, and have been trialing some new ideas, making marquettes and I have been casting houses in a variety of materials. image image image image This is trial number 1, it is papercrete, and in a radical departure from my usual work..it is large approximately 50 cm high by 20 cm width on all sides. If all goes well I will have photos of trial number 2 soon.


2 thoughts on “January 2015

    1. I love how some are very glossy and others are matt black. Its like Christmas whenever you open the kiln you dont know what you are going to find. And sometimes if you’re lucky the serendipity fairy hss been and there’s something sooo much better than you imagined. But other times the pottery grinch has been !

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