La morgue des oeuvres / The book morgue



“The Book Morgue ” Group exhibition opened at Dunedin bookbinders, Dutybound last night and will be open until Thursday. This exhibition is part of things happening around the Art +Book Symposium at Dunedin School of Art starting on Thursday night. There was 10 quite different works,  some sculptural, some working directly from a physical book, and one cremation.  All exhibited in a working bindery in the Warehouse precinct. The show was curated by Olivia and Micheala, two printmaking students who I worked with earlier this year in a teaching module.
My work…Lost Knowledge. 12 paperclay scrolls with blue glaze installed in a small press.
This work starts to express some of the feelings around being made redundant from my job as a Bookbinder for the last 12 years.
Knowledge becomes lost, fragile and inaccessible. Hand binding as a profession is precarious.


7 thoughts on “La morgue des oeuvres / The book morgue

  1. HI Jane Show sounds really interesting but sorry to hear you’ve lost your job! Does that mean there will be more chocolate getting made or more artwork! All the best cheers odelle

    1. Odelle, great to hear from you. I am hoping more art work is the outcome but at the moment I am catching up on all those tasks at home you put off until you have the time. And minding Ocho chocolate , while Liz is in the States. Its probably a good thing that I have always had several jobs at the same time.

    1. If you are in town on Saturday, the work will still be up. But its also the Vogel Street Party, with all the new Street Art on the building walls completed, food and live music …..wuhu

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