Images of students work 2014

Students from Dunedin School of Art, printmaking and photography 2nd years completed this work during a Book module.  They were all given the brief of ” the presentation or assembly of their finished book , had to add to, or enhance the content “. All 8 students had different responses, but all met the brief.  All had challenges along the way, there was a lot of trials and marquettes.  Olivia made a Risograph pamphlet using her own drawings of classic horror actors doing domestic tasks. Micheala,  worked on a gigantic origami fold Book that took 2 people to open and turn the pages, and as a side project did foredge drawings on a small scale. Max, put together a book titled The Cove, with images of the sea and coast. Micheal bound a long thin book containing photographs of power lines. Jade also made a long thin book , Submerged,  which had concertinad pages printed with stills from an underwater film. Typologies , made by Rory contained various architectural images, and 2 different photo albums, 1 by Sophie which was Victorian interior photographs and  a 2nd album by Lara which was more contemporary take on an album. 


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