Sculpture on the Peninsula

Re blogging a post from the fabulous Marion Wassenaar. I just love her ephemeral carbonized objects, such considered thought goes into the work..

Marion Wassenaar

Carbon boots

Carbon Boots, Recycled, pulped newspaper, fabric and clay transformed into charcoal. 19 x 24 x 32 cm each pair x 7 Carbon Boots, charcoal, 19 x 24 x 32 cm each pair x 7. Situated on the historic Louden homestead verandah.

Sculpture on the Peninsula is a biennial event that takes place at the historic Louden Farm, Teddington on Christchurch’s Banks Peninsula. The event is a weekend fundraiser for Cholmondeley in Governor’s Bay and is hosted by the Lombardy Charitable Trust.

Work boots are regarded as possessing a tough, reliable durability, offering comfort and trusted protection. They are synonymous with the physical production associated with the manual labourer working on the land or employed in industry. Increasingly, however, work boots represent the human contact with the earth in the rescue and rehabilitation of environmental damage. Through concerns that our living world is in crisis, the fragile Carbon boots are created from recycled newspaper and transformed into charcoal works that retain the carbon content in the newspaper. The ephemerality of…

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