March 2014



Well  I am still working away on my commission work, on trial number 1 back in January, the font was too small and became unreadable after firing. This is trial number 2, and I am happy with the size and shape and I’m loving the little windows, but alas, the nature of cobalt glaze is its ability to run, so out of the 6 houses and quotes, I have 1 that I’m happy with.
Further update on the blank journals and notebooks, Yes…… I have a stockist in Port Chalmers at The Crafty Banker , but No , slackness rules supreme, so I still haven’t got a Felt or Etsy sight going  😦         it’s next on my mammoth list of things to get on to !!
I am booked to tutor a Bookbinding skills class for 2nd year print and photography students at Dunedin School of Art in May, so I am busy thinking up ideas and making marquettes, I really enjoy the energy you get from teaching a bunch of students, you have no idea where an idea can go. This class leads into the Book and Art symposium being held at DSA in October .


3 thoughts on “March 2014

  1. Darn that fickle cobalt blue. Loving these successful ones though. I have some paper suitable for book binding I can give you if you want (free) – nicer than photocopier paper to use as it is a bit heavier. Lucky students, wish I was one of them!

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