A cold day in… ( Dunedin )

A few photos from the mini workshop. It was  fun way to spend a cold and potentially snowy afternoon. We had more people than anticipated, but everyone made a book, printed on the cover and went home with the skills to make more. Thanks to Helen from “Tinch” and Colleen from “Dear Colleen” who provided pots of tea, biscuits, enthusiasm and a lovely friendly atmosphere. And Guild for having a gallery space free on a Sunday afternoon .

No 1 Bookbinding kit

GUILD's photo.

I am happy to be doing a mini workshop this weekend at Guild in Moray Place, Dunedin. As it is a tiny design store there isn’t a lot of room so I have designed a notebook kit that can be purchased and then I give one on one help to complete the project. At the end { besides having a lovely cup of tea and a nice chat, in a inspiring environment, while you wait for your turn } you walk away with a finished notebook and the skills and instructions to go home and make more..

The No 1 Bookbinding Kit
The No 1 Bookbinding Kit

April 2015


Stacks of folded paper and newly printed covers ready to be hand sewn.


Lovely sewn, trimmed and packaged notebooks and business cards ready to go off to Guild.
I  am very happpy to be one of their Pop Up guests for May.
I hope I have done this right : ) ta dah !!! here is the link to the Guild page…… http:// guilddunedin.tumblr.com

March 2015

In association with the Salon des Femmes  http://salondesfemmes.blogspot.co.nz   and The Fringe Festival http://www.dunedinfringe.nz  We have a group show ” Shadow Self ” at Mint Gallery 6th to 19th March. We installed the work on Friday, and it was the first time I had seen all the work together. I am always amazed at the range of materials and approaches to the theme.
After my many tragic attempts at making a new piece of work for this show…… I had to rethink the whole thing….and I came to the conclusion that being an Artist is actually being a Problem Solver. I revisited my original notes and drawings and found that what I wanted to say with this piece , was still valid. So then I went back over my materials choices, size and proportions and found I could still keep the original conceptual ideas with a change of materials. And , as always happens to me….Plan C had a much better outcome than the original Plan A anyway.

Guilt/Gilt 1
Guilt/Gilt 2
Guilt/Gilt 3

Jane Armour Guilt/Gilt I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t feel guilt over some aspect of their lives. In this small sculpture I have placed this guilt in the domestic realm, a house form. I have put a small Gilt porcelain house,  honed to an imperfect but contained form at its centre.  Covered,  but still visible, by a Felt house,  that blanket of comfort we want to give our lives. This is contained within a Metal exoskeleton,  the seemingly rigid persona we project to others. The dichotomy of what we Want to do and  what we Have to do…

Open Veiwing ( plus a few drinks ) Friday 13th March 2015 at Mint Gallery in Moray Place 5-7 pm…

February 2015

February was the first of a few shows I am booked for this year. I was part of a group showing,  at Gallery 33 in Wanaka. I  showed a modified version of my 1m2 work, I was happy to see the final installation in the gallery. And the lovely Jane who runs the gallery sent through this photo.

Houses installed at Gallery 33
1 m 2 ÷10 installed at Gallery 33