Exhibition July 2014

Here is a link to Salon des Femmes latest group show, which was part of the OUSA White Night gallery and studio crawl.  The Saloneers are a group of women who met at Art School and have been exhibiting as a group for several years. I enjoy being part of this group, as it gives me deadlines to meet, themes to be thought about, a big shove ( we all need those every now and then ), and mostly a opportunity to talk “art” and not be considered weird or even worse ……arty !!!!


Negative foredge photographs

Micheala -negative image 2

Micheala -negative image 2

As part of all the trials, experimentation,  and general playing with the subject  and materials, Micheala blind drew images of animals onto the foredge of children’s books. She then photographed them. I think they are beautiful images.

Micheala - negative image 1

Micheala – negative image 1

Images of students work 2014

Students from Dunedin School of Art, printmaking and photography 2nd years completed this work during a Book module.  They were all given the brief of ” the presentation or assembly of their finished book , had to add to, or enhance the content “. All 8 students had different responses, but all met the brief.  All had challenges along the way, there was a lot of trials and marquettes.  Olivia made a Risograph pamphlet using her own drawings of classic horror actors doing domestic tasks. Micheala,  worked on a gigantic origami fold Book that took 2 people to open and turn the pages, and as a side project did foredge drawings on a small scale. Max, put together a book titled The Cove, with images of the sea and coast. Micheal bound a long thin book containing photographs of power lines. Jade also made a long thin book , Submerged,  which had concertinad pages printed with stills from an underwater film. Typologies , made by Rory contained various architectural images, and 2 different photo albums, 1 by Sophie which was Victorian interior photographs and  a 2nd album by Lara which was more contemporary take on an album. 

Teaching update

I’ve been trying for weeks to upload photos of the fantastic finished books. Unfortunately wordpress is having serious photo upload issues
( I thought it was just me not doing it right !! )
Keep you posted.

Teaching DSA

Because of the snow yesterday my 2 day Bookbinding teaching was reduced to 1 very full day. So we raced through non adhesive to full case binding, and lots in between.  I only managed to get a couple of quick photos, but there is already some lovely books being made……to be continued next week.


Stab bind back


Detail of non adhesive fold


Non adhesive fold

May 2014


Today has been a snow day!!! I couldnt get my truck down the driveway, and most of Dunedin was closed, so I lit the fire and have caught up on things.
I have had a busy and productive few months. I made work for the RSM Law Plunket Art Show, in Timaru. I am all prepared for some co-teaching at Dunedin School of Art,


I’m nearly there, solving the problematic glaze for my commission set, but did finish this lone house for a private collection. So now all I need is more hours in the day so that I can tick a few more things off my list…

Sculpture on the Peninsula


Re blogging a post from the fabulous Marion Wassenaar. I just love her ephemeral carbonized objects, such considered thought goes into the work..

Originally posted on Marion Wassenaar:

Carbon boots

Carbon Boots, Recycled, pulped newspaper, fabric and clay transformed into charcoal. 19 x 24 x 32 cm each pair x 7

Carbon Boots, charcoal, 19 x 24 x 32 cm each pair x 7. Situated on the historic Louden homestead verandah.

Sculpture on the Peninsula is a biennial event that takes place at the historic Louden Farm, Teddington on Christchurch’s Banks Peninsula. The event is a weekend fundraiser for Cholmondeley in Governor’s Bay and is hosted by the Lombardy Charitable Trust.

Work boots are regarded as possessing a tough, reliable durability, offering comfort and trusted protection. They are synonymous with the physical production associated with the manual labourer working on the land or employed in industry. Increasingly, however, work boots represent the human contact with the earth in the rescue and rehabilitation of environmental damage. Through concerns that our living world is in crisis, the fragile Carbon boots are created from recycled newspaper and transformed into charcoal works that retain the carbon content in the newspaper. The ephemerality of…

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