March 2014



Well  I am still working away on my commission work, on trial number 1 back in January, the font was too small and became unreadable after firing. This is trial number 2, and I am happy with the size and shape and I’m loving the little windows, but alas, the nature of cobalt glaze is its ability to run, so out of the 6 houses and quotes, I have 1 that I’m happy with.
Further update on the blank journals and notebooks, Yes…… I have a stockist in Port Chalmers at The Crafty Banker , but No , slackness rules supreme, so I still haven’t got a Felt or Etsy sight going  :(         it’s next on my mammoth list of things to get on to !!
I am booked to tutor a Bookbinding skills class for 2nd year print and photography students at Dunedin School of Art in May, so I am busy thinking up ideas and making marquettes, I really enjoy the energy you get from teaching a bunch of students, you have no idea where an idea can go. This class leads into the Book and Art symposium being held at DSA in October .

January 2014


The new year off to a great start. and white crackle glaze houses in the big kiln, some sample ones in a new clay/glaze combo in the test kiln…but wait, there’s more.. I even got some test samples of printed porcelain for a possible commission assembled and drying. Now I think I deserve a lovely glass of wine while enjoying the last of a fabulous sunny day..

Sculpture on the Peninsula 2013


Just back from Christchurch, I am all set up and ready for next weekends event. Loudon Farm at Teddington, is a fabulous setting with open spaces suitable for large sculptures and smaller areas that work for small installations like mine. The weather was warm, there were artists everywhere installing their work, and such a relaxed positive and well organised atmosphere.. I cant wait for the opening on Friday 9th November.